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Exceptionally flattering, luxury compression breeches; designed for durability in the US

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Fit like a glove

These breeches fit like a glove! I love that there isn't a gap in the back when I ride and I don't have to constantly pull them up while
walking around the barn. The belts are the perfect addition. I
couldn't stop at just one color!

~ Ashley V.

Palm City, FL


Most comfortable breech

I've ever worn! I took a fall in these the first time I wore them and I got up, dusted them off and they looked brand new again! So easy to keep clean and super comfortable!

~ Alix B.

Mohnton PA


Changed the game

KMA breeches have absolutely changed the breeches game for me. They are the only breeches that I have worn that are as comfortable as leggings but as durable as true riding breeches. The quality of KMA's is obvious. They are one of a kind!! The biggest perk for me is that they stay in place all day and show zero sagging around the knees or in the butt like you typically see after a few hours in regular breeches. After a long day of working and riding, I am still feeling comfy and supported by these breeches. I love the current color options, and I can't wait for more!!

~ Kailyn S.

Leesburg, VA


Can't say enough

I really can't say enough good things about the KMA breeches. They are not only flattering, but extremely comfortable and forgiving. I have purchased a number of different brands and styles of breeches over many years of riding, and forever have to pull them up or adjust in some way.
I have been particularly let down by some of the higher brands- they stretch out quickly or are big in the waist but fit my legs. What I love
about my KMA breeches, is they literally stay in place all day while I ride and teach. They feel like they were custom made for me! I love them so much!

~ Alicia C.

Easton, CT



with my breeches!!   I've never gotten so many compliments on any breeches I've owned like I do with these. So true that I don't even want
to take them off when I'm done riding. Thank you, Kelly, for introducing me to this great brand! Can't wait to rock some more colors!!

~ Morgan K.

Carmel, NY